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Maybe he is the following Jacob Weinmann who immigrated 1890: http://www.germanim migrants1890s.com/i ndex.php?id=150479 9 Does anyone know the further trace of this Jacob Weinmann?
My ggrandfather was only around 30 years old when he emigrated to USA and that´s why I assume, that he would have married a second time and had a new family.  
I´m searching for my ggrandfather:    Johann Jakob Weinmann   may be later on he has been called: John Jacob Wineman  born 20.4.1860 in Reutlingen, Baden Wuerttemberg Germany  His father was: Johannes Weinmann 6.8.1825-8.5.1893  his wife was Elisabeth Katharine Hohloch  he had two daughters, left his family and  emigrated about 1889-1892 to USA  He was a butcher  He died in USA before 1914   Who knows any trace of him?
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